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The smart robot collars reckless drivers.


Highway intelligent robot offers all the functions that the expressway traffic police officer could need. This smart, easy-installed device is controlled via smart phone applications. It means the police could have all essential information and make operations at their finger tips, while focusing on checking the dangerous violations committed by drivers.

How will it work?

The robot comes with a bundle of upgraded tech, including a loud hailer so police can broadcast the messages, the aforementioned high-quality camera, and an innovative new radar system that’s said to be more accurate than ever before. It can be operated via smart phone apps.


This device will be put to work ensuring that speed limits are observed and pedestrians are not putting themselves in danger by crossing public highways where they’re not supposed to.


     > Can catch reckless drivers

     > Record more violations than radars

     > Can send data straight to the command and control centre

     > Can alert motorists by alarms and warnings

     > Can be installed and shifted easily