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RYM owes its prestige to a constant research for methods and technologies which over the years have been the key to its development. We entrust our research and development to a highly skilled team of engineers and technicians in order to carry out innovative technologies. All our projects are developed according to the instructions of the customer, which is updated step by step on the development of item. We’re able to provide, in a short time, an actual sample of the product required. 




Technologies                                                                 R&D Team


 Leading supplier of                                                                                                  - Automatics Control 

                                                                                                                                 - Mechanical Design 

              - Precision Machining                                                                                 - Mechanical Design 

              - Complex Weldment                                                                                  - Software Design                           

              - Sheet Metal Forming                                                                                - Alogirthm Design 

              - Gauge and Die                                                                            

              - Motors for Electric Bike

              - Mobile Intelligent Monitor






Technical Cooperation with Top University         


  - Shanghai Jiaotong University

  - Ningbo University

  - Xi'an University of Science and Technology